Hofner Violin Bass


Modern Hofner set up with La Bella flat wounds for vintage woody thump.

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This standard modern Hofner Ignition violin bass is fully hollow just like the originals from the 60s.  You’ll get the kind of bass that can carry a track with that combination of thump, pump and melodic charm because it’s been set up with very expensive La Bella flat wound strings.  The intonation is as good as it gets, the Hofner comes with a shaped hard case and the original scratch plate is included.

It has a nice short scale neck and is the easiest bass to play. It’s ideal for guitar players because it feels like a guitar rather than a heavy, unmanageable rumble plank.

Played through an LA610 straight into the desk, it sounds instantly like all those famous records with nothing more than a little palm-muting . It’s a powerful defined sound that will bring charm and body to your low end.

It’s that good.