Should I buy a Squier or Fender?

Buying a tatty Squier guitar is a great thing to do for the environment but make sure you do your homework first. Comparing Squiers to Fenders isn’t realistic but they’re the best guitar for beginner guitarists and a good guitar for professional guitarists too.

A correctly set-up used Squier guitar, whether Squier Telecaster, Squier Stratocaster or Squier Jagmaster is the best way to get a reliable guitar which can take a beating and last for years.

Even really old road-worn Squier guitars make great professional instruments and are found in studios all over the world. They’re a fabulous way to get a Fender sound without the massive price tag. A well set-up used Squier guitar is as useable and reliable as its Fender cousin and battered road-worn Squier guitars are cool too.

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We adore tatty Squiers.